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Kiwi Gelato

Italian Frozen Desserts with New Zealand Flair

Welcome to Kiwi Gelato in Beautiful Brevard, N.C.

           Kiwi Gelato is located in the

Heart of Brevard 

just down from the historical courthouse at

67 E. Main St.

Independently pocket option owned and operated by Richard Coadwell and Heather Layton since

September 2007.



         Check-out our special SPRING flavors:

     *Jelly Bean Gelato

     *Banana Cream Pie Gelato

     *Cookie Dough Gelato

Kiwi Gelato, Italian Frozen Desserts with New Zealand Flair

Why should the Italians have all the fun? You can have authentic, Italian style gelato right here in Transylvania County, N.C. Just come on in pocket option copy trading to Kiwi Gelato on Main St. in downtown Brevard and taste for yourself the difference between regular ice-cream and flavorful, delicious, fresh gelato. Also see for yourself "New Zealand flair."

Why Gelato?

Because it has more flavor, but less sugar, less calories and less fat than American style ice-cream. It's the perfect treat. Why Kiwi Gelato? Because we make our gelato on the premises everyday. It is always handcrafted, fresh and creative. We use only biodegradable containers and spoons, unlike most other gelato and ice-cream shops who rely heavily on plastic and styrofoam. Kiwi Gelato cares.

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